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The YAC Basketball Academy is an equal opportunity program in Daytona Beach, FL. The program is 100% free to those accepted in order to give all youth the opportunity and ability to participate, no matter of family or financial circumstance.

The first season of the program is currently in progress. The 2019 season started in March 2019, and will conclude in July 2019. In season one we were able to accommodate 55 kids for the program. We currently have 4 teams, and a developmental team ranging from 6th to 10th grade.

Program Head Coach: Joe Giddens, Boys Varsity Head Coach at Mainland High School

Venue: Vince Carter Athletic Center at Mainland High School

Contact Sean Tomarelli at sean@giveyac.com with any questions. 


In 2019, Youth Athletic Charity needs to raise enough money to host and grow the YAC Basketball Academy in 2020.


The goal is to be able to grow the program to 150 participants in 2020. It takes just one person to donate $10 per month to fund one kid for the program. 


This means we need 150 supporters to donate $10 per month. Or 75 supporters to donate $20 per month etc.

Funds are needed to pay for uniforms, tournaments, banquet, and other related fees. 

Youth Athletic Charity does not pay any employees or officers. All funds go to program.


Youth athletic programs provide great benefits to kids. Athletics stimulate physical and emotional growth, and contribute to development both psychologically and socially.

​Participation in athletic programs teaches kids to give their best effort in the game, and in life. These programs teach important life skills like teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and commitment. In addition, participation in youth sports programs can help with college admittance, building self esteem, dealing with pressure, and creating lifelong healthy habits. Through youth athletic programs, kids can also find positive adult figures that can provide mentorship.

​Participation in youth sports programs reflects decreased juvenile arrests, teen births, school dropouts, drug use, and suicide.

​There are millions of kids who cannot participate in youth athletic programs or experiences due to costs. It is the goal of Youth Athletic Charity to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to create opportunity through sports.


Start Date: 5/2/2019

Last updated: 5/2/2019

$10 per month equals 1. $20 per month equals 2 etc.




We are now looking for local businesses to support our program. Sponsors logo will be listed here for the duration of 1 year.

Platinum Sponsor

($1,000 minimum donation)

Gold Sponsor


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